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Your Driving Test Success Hypnosis Audio Programme

2-CD Set or instant MP3 download

5 Chapter Audio Book + Hypnosis Session 

CD 1 – Discover the hidden power of your subconscious mind! You have within you enormous potential that in most people remains untapped. The Driving Test Success Audio Book will teach you how to unlock this power, by using powerful techniques including creative visualisation, anchoring techniques and affirmations. You will learn how to take full control of your thoughts, your emotions, and the way that you act and react in stressful situations.These tried, tested and proven techniques are used by many of the world’s top professionals from musicians, artists, athletes, footballers, in fact people in all walks of life who have to perform at the very peak of their profession.

CD 2 - The Driving Test Success Hypnosis Session with Clinical Hypnotherapist Toni Mackenzie will safely guide you  into a deeply relaxed state of hypnosis. As you drift away to the sound of Toni’s soothing, relaxing voice, her words will programme your subconscious mind with positive suggestions, helping you to feel calm, relaxed and confident, and pass your driving test with ease.

This Driving Test Success Audio Programme will help you to train your mind, so you can focus your mental abilities and confidently pass your driving test. Avoid more waiting time, the expense of further driving lessons, a retest fee, and all for less than the average price of a single driving lesson.


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