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View some testimonials of Toni Mackenzie’s hypnosis recordings

Love it !!!
by yeverly

Fantastic hypnosis / relaxation idea for all people who need find peace , relax and and switch off from daily base stress anywhere and anytime .
Enjoy it !!! 

Excellent! by Anyone reading

Toni is a wonderful guide and expert support as she takes you ever deeper into a state of relaxation. A moment of calm to step out of the busy world and recharge, rejuvenate and refresh yourself before stepping back into the fray. Highly recommended.by ScouseNick1

Toni has a very relaxing voice, very easy to listen to. I use it whenever I need to relax or wind down. Highly recommended

I have been listening to it at night while lying in bed trying to sleep. I have gone from waking up 2-3 times a night to sleeping through for a good 5 hours without waking up. Toni’s calm voice takes you into a deep relaxation which helps to relax and calm down an active mind at the end of my day. After about a week my sub-conscious has taken over and I don’t have to “listen” to it consciously but just “listen” to Toni’s calming voice. Thank you Toni.